New Territory

Proudly supporting Songs For Kids Foundation and their work integrating musicians into the lives of children facing illness and hardship.

Performing "DANCING IN THE STREET" by MARTHA AND THE VANDELLAS at 500 Songs For Kids on Saturday, May 2, 2015!

Raised: $100.00 / $500.00

Your donation helps Songs For Kids integrate musicians into the lives of kids facing illness and hardship.

New Territory's Donors
Anonymous, 'Donation to Songs For Kids in the name of New Territory'
Anonymous, 'Donation to Songs For Kids in the name of New Territory'

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Bedside Music Programs

Songs For Kids musicians perform private concerts for children who are unable to leave their rooms and may be suffering from isolation.


Live Interactive Concerts

Songs For Kids artists perform concerts in all areas of children’s hospitals, bringing the kids onstage with them to sing and become the stars themselves.


Songs For Kids Records

Kids battling illness use their talent to translate their feelings, fears and triumphs into original songs, which our mentors help them write, arrange and record.


Songs For Kids Tour

In 2013, Songs For Kids Foundation launched a tour across the US, covering 32,000 miles and over 240 children’s hospitals in over 180 cities!


Special Guest Stars

So many prominent guest performers join our program throughout the year, providing an added thrill for our young stars!


Special Performance Events

Our kids perform with Songs For Kids team members and amazing special guests at major music festivals and concerts!